About the Show

Danson Thunderbolt is no ordinary Dad, and his teenage son Luke is not so ordinary either. For Luke is autistic and the Autistic Shadow gets between them every single day, making communication a struggle.

So what’s a Dad to do? Wrestle the Autistic Shadow that’s what!

Staged entirely in a wrestling ring and featuring Danson Thunderbolt as himself, this astonishing play has been critically acclaimed since it premiered at The Mercury Theatre in Colchester and now tours nationally in 2018 for the second time.


Living with Luke is produced by Phoenix Theatre Arts


Danson Thunderbolt | Steve Hannam
Luke | Ben Maytham
The Autistic Shadown | Phil Powers
The Referee | Shane Whitworth


Paul T Davies | Writer/Director
Phil Dale | Producer
Rob Dyer | LX Design

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24/09 LIVING WITH LUKE, Key Theatre, Peterborough